01:46:49 Thursday, 25th July

Lanzarote welcomes thousands and thousands of tourists each year, so the island is more than ready to welcome those who choose it for a few days of leisure!

People in Lanzarote are friendly and welcoming, and many speak English or French. However, any effort to speak Spanish is, of course, appreciated! This island is quiet and safe - so your only major problem might be a sunburn, if you visit Lanzarote in the hot summer months and forget to wear sunscreen! However, you will always be in good hands, since Lanzarote has a wide healthcare system, including clinics, health centres and hospitals.

Lanzarote is also an island accessible for people with reduced mobility, as hotels and other establishments, as well as transportation means, are equipped with the best conditions to welcome everyone. To have the best possible stay, check our list of other tips in this section.

Playa Blanca