18:59:36 Saturday, 25th May

The Canary Islands use the 24-hr clock as opposed to 12 hours, using am and pm.

Greenwich Mean Time (GMT/UTC) is maintained in Lanzarote during the winter, which is the same as the UK, while mainland Spain and many other European countries are 1 hour ahead of the Canaries.

Clocks also go back 1 hour during late October and go forward 1 hour in March.

Spain-Lanzarote recommends you avoid drinking tap water in Lanzarote, most of the population use bottled water for drinking, coffee, tea and cooking.

All tap water in Lanzarote is technically up to EU standards but as it is desalinated sea water it doesn’t taste very good and has also been treated with chlorine. The tap water it’s fine for bathing or washing clothes, etc.

Water availability is obviously low, a consequence of low rainfall. Few water sources exist in the Risco de Famara (Famara Massif) region and in the centre of the island. The supply, however, is insignificant in comparison to the quantities needed.

Tourists who drink the tap water in Lanzarote may experience digestive problems like diarrhoea or other tummy ailments.

We recommend that long term visitors, or foreign residents, use a reverse osmosis water filtration system, which removes 99,9% of all contaminants and preferable with a cartridge that ads minerals to the filtered water.