19:05:08 Saturday, 25th May

So you are all ready to enjoy a wonderful holiday in the Canary Islands, the bags are packed, the sun cream is ready… what else do you need to know before you travel?

Important information to remember is knowing exactly which documents to bring along. Lanzarote is part of the Canarian archipelago, which belongs to Spain, which means that all travellers must have a valid passport or in some cases visitors need a visa. This kind of travel permit is necessary for some people depending on where they come from, how long they expect to stay in the Canaries and why they are travelling here (work, studies, leisure). The best idea is to check with the Spanish embassy or consulate for details of the type of travel documents needed.

Cheap charter flights run to Lanzarote from many European countries, both from their main airports and small regional airports. It is also possible to fly to Madrid and pick up an internal flight to Lanzarote. Most people arrive in Lanzarote at Arrecife (ACE) Airport, which is located between Arrecife (the capital of the island) and Puerto del Carmen further south.

There is a ferry from the Spanish harbour of Cádiz to Lanzarote, although the traverse is quite long and can get rough at times, so unless you really like sea voyages (or you have a car to transport) you are probably better off travelling by air.


The good news is that travelling to Lanzarote does not require visitors to get any special vaccinations. If you are in any doubt or are travelling from a country with a specific outbreak of a particular infection, please contact your Spanish Embassy for further advice.