05:55:41 Thursday, 29th July

Considered to be the geographical centre of Lanzarote, the village of Mozaga is home to the Monumento al Campesino (Peasant’s Monument). Designed by César Manrique and built in 1968 by Jesús Soto, this 50 foot (15 metre) tall, interesting sculpture – made from the remnants of fishing boats and water containers used on boats – was dedicated by the artist himself “to the endeavours of all the nameless farmers, who helped to create Lanzarote’s landscapes of today”. If you look hard enough and use a little imagination, perhaps you will be able to make out a farmer with his helpers, a donkey and a camel.

The neighbouring Casa-Museo del Campesino is an old farmhouse, which was restored and extended in the typical Manrique style with white façades and walls, green wooden door frames, round shapes and low ceilings. This museum houses a fine collection of farm equipment and tools and has recreated still life scenes illustrating rural life on the island. In one of these workshops, a dromedary is working a mill to make gofio, which is served in the museum’s restaurant… among other Canarian specialities worth sampling.

Opening hours:
The museum is open daily from 10.00 to 17.45 hrs and the restaurant from 12.00 to 16.30 hrs.
Entrance is free.