02:40:07 Thursday, 25th July

A huge crab sculpture welcomes visitors to the amazing Jameos del Agua, one of the main attractions in the north-eastern part of Lanzarote. Just a short walk from the sea, this ‘natural wonder’ consisting of caverns and partially collapsed volcanic tubes was transformed into a unique entertainment venue by César Manrique.

The visitors’ route leads into a huge cave, featuring a mysterious salt lake, which is home to tiny albino crabs and transparent waters connected to the ocean.

From here, meandering paths guide you up to a contrasting world above ground filled with lush plants. These include palms and bougainvilleas, skillfully set around El Jameo Grande: a picturesque, emerald-green pool. The far end opens to an underground auditorium with 550 seats, frequently used for concerts, shows and meetings: a unique setting, famous for its outstanding acoustics.

Steps wind down to an extraordinary underground restaurant and bar. Three times a week it is transformed into a popular evening venue with dining and dancing in spectacular surroundings below sea level.

Some more steps zigzag upwards from the pool to the top, where you will find a terrace with a café and the Casa de los Volcanes, a small scientific museum with an interesting exhibition on volcanism.

The Jameos del Agua is an awe-inspiring place with a truly unique atmosphere.


Opening hours:
Jameos del Agua open daily from 10.00 to 18.30 hrs (reduced hours in winter);
Restaurant: on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday from 19.30 to 23.30 hrs;
1st Bar: daily from 10.00 to 18.30 hrs
2nd Bar: Tuesday, Friday and Saturday from 19.00 to 02.00 hrs (dress code after 19.30 h)