06:17:42 Sunday, 16th June

The journey to Los Valles is filled with beautiful views, especially from Mirador del Valle, a good stop-off belvedere just before entering into the village itself. Also on the way, you will encounter the impressive vista of Lanzarote’s largest wind farm, known in Spanish as a parque eólico.

Los Valles’ full name is actually ‘Los Valles de Santa Catalina’, named after the inhabitants of Santa Catalina who resettled here, after their homes were destroyed by the Timanfaya eruptions.

It is beautifully set in a valley of the same name, which – with its aesthetically designed fields and meadows – looks like an artist’s creation. This medley of terracotta-coloured terrain and cultivated fields can be seen best from the Castillo de Santa Bárbara. This castle is perched on the rim of the extinct crater Guanapay 1,395 feet (425 metres) above the town of Teguise at the south-western end of this valley.

A mainly agricultural area, where the locals still work their fields in the traditional way with donkeys and camels, Los Valles is the best place to learn about rural life on the island.