18:16:52 Saturday, 25th May

Enjoy breathtaking views from Mirador del Río, Lanzarote’s most famous viewpoint, located 1,630 ft (497 metres) above sea level. It overlooks the northern coastline, the straits of El Rio and the Isla Graciosa.

To reach this lookout point you must first make the journey along the mountain roads, passing the quiet village of Yé, which was once an important place for extracting purple dye from lichen and is now known for its Lucha Canaria (Canarian wrestling) tradition.

Slightly further on you will find the Mirador, an old gun emplacement dating back to 1889 when Spain was at war with the USA over Cuba. Like so many other attractions in Lanzarote, this area was transformed into a belvedere by local artist and architect César Manrique in 1973.

Manrique’s sculpture at the entrance to the Mirador leads you through the façade, which consists of a convex stonewall merging into the hillside. The entrance to the Mirador is a mere ‘hole’ in this wall.

Inside, a narrow winding corridor and spiral staircase lead to a white-walled restaurant and a stylish bar. From here you can gaze out through the panoramic windows that stretch the entire length of this room.

The incredible views from the Mirador del Río – considered one of the best of the whole archipelago – can also be enjoyed in the open air. Down below the steep cliff, you can see the abandoned saltpans of the Salinas del Rio with their subtle pink water.

Everything in this stunning place conveys spaciousness, clarity and simplicity in perfect harmony with the surrounding nature.

Opening hours:
Daily from 10.00 to 17.45 hrs.
During the summer months it is open one hour longer.
There is a nominal entrance fee.