07:18:39 Sunday, 16th June

In the attractive and picturesque Plaza de Las Palmas, you will find the Iglesia de San Ginés (Church of Saint Genesius), boasting an impressive square tower with a gleaming white cupola, dominating the square and the old town.

Originally a 1574 hermitage, it became the parish church in 1798 and was dedicated to San Ginés, Arrecife’s patron saint. Built in an attractive combination of dark volcanic stone and whitewash, this triple-naved church features a dark wooden ceiling in the Mudéjar-style, as well as late-Baroque statues of San Ginés and the Virgen del Rosario. Located behind the font, there is a symbolic modern painting by Alberto Manrique, depicting the fountain of life.

During the Corpus Christi (Body of Christ) festivities and the exuberant, weeklong Fiesta de San Ginés around the 25th of August, the church and the square form the centre of all activities.

In the small side street called Calle Libre right next to the church, you will find the Arrecife mercado, a daily market selling fruits, vegetables and spices. In addition, there is also a fish market on the opposite side.