07:41:59 Sunday, 16th June

A short distance along the southwest coastline from the exciting Los Hervideros is another natural example of the power of Mother Nature. El Golfo is a half-submerged cone of a volcano, which over time has been eroded by the sea, leaving behind only the striated wall of the crater displaying a myriad of red and russet colours.

At the foot of the crater wall is Lago Verde, a half-moon-shaped striking green lagoon filled with volcanic minerals and micro-organisms that are believed to be unique in this lake.

A beach of black volcanic pebbles, where you can look for specimens of the semi-precious olivine, superficially separates the sharply contrasting lagoon from the blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean, but in reality they are connected through underground passageways.

Coming from the south, the road leads you to a small car park, from where you can approach El Golfo by foot, following signs for a short walk around the headland.

A number of sheltered bays with black beaches link the lagoon with the tranquil El Golfo village, which attracts geologists and jewellery makers because of the olivine found in this area.

In addition, this small and peaceful community boasts several excellent seafood restaurants – great places to enjoy a tasty meal while enjoying a beautiful sunset and magnificent views.