01:09:27 Thursday, 25th July

If the stunning volcanic landscapes of the Timanfaya National Park have impressed you so much that you are eager to learn more about volcanism, then pay a visit to the park’s Interpretation and Visitors’ Centre (Centro de Visitantes e Interpretación), located at the park boundaries a few kilometres further north on the way to the Mancha Blanca village.

This interesting museum sits in the middle of lava fields and although it appears to be quite small, much of the exhibition is underground. Using hi-tech multimedia equipment, the inner workings of a volcano are explained and you can even experience a simulation of an eruption including the noise and smoke!

There are also viewpoints onto the lava fields, a library and a souvenir and bookshop. This centre, which is open from 09.00 to 17.00 hrs, is also the only booking place for the two guided hiking trips around the park.

The tiny village of Mancha Blanca is home to a small church, the Ermita de los Dolores, home to the statue of Nuestra Señora de los Volcanes (Our Virgin of the Volcanoes). This church was built in honour of the Virgin Mary, to whom the inhabitants of the village attributed their salvation from destruction of the nearby volcano Tinguatón in the 19th Century. Next to the church, you will find a cross on a small lava rock, marking the spot where the lava flow was said to have stopped.

In commemoration of this ‘miracle’, every year during September the island’s most important religious festival is celebrated with a lavish procession. An artisan fair, the Feria Insular de Artesania Tradicional, where artists from the whole archipelago display their works and perform folklore shows, complete the festive activities.

Playa Blanca