02:02:59 Saturday, 18th May

The white sandy beaches of Famara are very picturesque and stretch for miles north of the village of La Caleta.

They look absolutely stunning against the backdrop of the dark cliffs of Riscos de Famara, which seem to enhance the crystal clear waters.

These wide beaches are generally very windy, have strong breakers and are known as a surfers’ paradise.

It is a magnet for the water sports community who venture out into the exciting waves and swells that are created here. In fact, international surfing competitions have been held on one of the beaches called Playa de San Juan. However, this means that the conditions are not so good for swimming. A small section at the northern part of this beach is also very popular with naturists.

South of the village of La Caleta stretches another 3 mile long (5 kilometres) white sandy beach, offering the same ideal conditions for surfers. This area boasts another small sandy beach, Playa Ensenada, located right on the village’s shore. This is a windy beach with calmer waters and is popular with sun worshippers who like to relax under the blue skies.