02:33:00 Thursday, 25th July

If you are looking to relax in the sunshine amid tranquil and secluded surroundings, check out the picturesque beaches close to Playa Blanca along the southern coast between Castillo de las Coloradas and Punta de Papagayo.

Here you will find a track (with a small entrance fee) which leads to several idyllic coves and paradisiacal beaches, featuring fine, pale golden sand and warm, crystal-clear waters.

Considered some of the most beautiful of the whole archipelago, the Papagayo beaches are a series of six stretches of sand. The largest and the busiest is Playa Mujeres, then come the beach of Playa de las Coloradas, Playa de las Ahogaderas and Playa de la Cera – all west of Punta del Papagayo – as well as Playa Caleta del Congrio and Playa de Puerto Muelas located east of the Punta.

Very popular with surfers and snorkellers, these seductive shorelines are also favoured by naturists, with some areas being reserved especially for them. Beaches this gorgeous can get quite busy at times with families, particularly at weekends.

This whole area is a lovely place to explore and is home to one of the best hotels in the south of the island. Spain-Lanzarote recommends staying in the Sandos Papagayo Arena Hotel, a 4-star haven of luxury situated close to Playa de las Coloradas. Enjoy unrivalled hospitality, a choice of several on-site restaurants, excellent facilities, amazing rooms and great deals for an all-inclusive stay.

These beaches are great places to spend many hours sunbathing and enjoying the water. Why not take a picnic along with you with plenty of water, so you can relax all day long? And don’t forget the sun cream and maybe a sunshade or umbrella if you want a nap in the shade.