02:38:19 Thursday, 25th July

A wonderful world of volcanic caves, lava tubes that twist and turn, exciting exploration and hidden gems all showcase Lanzarote’s rich and explosive geographical history. See and feel up close just how amazing this underground playground can be! You do not have to be a geologist or have any knowledge of speleology to appreciate the awesome sights that can be found and walked through in Lanzarote.

The intricate lava tubes and caverns were formed following massive volcanic blasts, which shot molten rock all over the island. The most well-known are the Cueva de los Verdes and Jameos del Agua as well as the Tunel de la Atlántida, which at 5 miles (7.5 kilometres) long is one of the longest in the world. All these stunning natural attractions are located in north-eastern Lanzarote although there are many more to explore in other parts of the island.

About 1 mile (1.5 kilometres) of the Atlantida tunnel runs underwater making it the longest volcanic tunnel in the world. The early inhabitants used these caverns – often part of a complex cave system – as hiding places to find shelter from invading pirates and slave traders.

If you are fascinated by this type of underground world, you have a great opportunity to satisfy your curiosity in Lanzarote. Be sure to become a cave explorer and make this incredible journey!