07:58:34 Sunday, 16th June

Walking and hiking enthusiasts can discover Lanzarote’s amazing natural beauty by exploring the footpaths that have been especially created to showcase the stunning landscape of the island.


The Canary Islands Government has established several senderos (trails) to promote the striking rural scenery on offer here. You can enjoy trekking these paths, some of which include fairly rough terrain, safely and at your own pace or take advantage of one of the many guided walks that are available. Some of the hikes include climbing volcanic peaks, crawling through caves and walking across the lava fields of the Timanfaya National Park.

Ask your hotel reception for more information about these types of tours and remember to bring suitable walking shoes, clothing, plenty of water and perhaps a torch.

Walking is indeed the best way to explore Lanzarote’s stunning volcanic landscapes and to actually feel the intriguing ambience of this spectacular island all around you!