Hotel Botanico

Spa at the Princesa Yaiza Suite Hotel Resort

The hotel’s Thalassotherapy centre is an oasis of relaxation, designed as a calming space to nurture the health, beauty and wellbeing of all visitors. Over 90 unique treatments are available.

Immerse yourself in the ‘Thousand and one nights’ thalassotherapy circuit—a heated seawater pool with glittering lights on the ceiling like a jewelled sky, soothing underwater music and powerful hydro-massage jets to relax every part of your body. Other thalassotherapy treatments include a Turkish bath, Vichy shower and sauna.

Massage treatments range from reflexology, shiatsu and hot stone massage to Balinese and Swedish massage. Restorative Ayurvedic massage relieves stress, stimulates circulation and encourages relaxation.

Sample the extravagant ‘Cleopatra’ bath with milk proteins and marine collagen, or the black grape bath, rich in anti-ageing properties. Body wraps using nourishing ingredients such as seaweed, sea mud and chocolate help to detoxify the body.

Four unique ‘cures’ are also available, which involve body wraps, hydrotherapy, invigorating baths and massage treatments over several days. The spa also offers 3-7 night packages to escape the stress of daily life, including accommodation and revitalising treatments.

A wide selection of Thal’ion beauty products are available for purchase, from skin care to herbal teas. Complete your treatment with a cleansing drink in the tea house—you are guaranteed to have a spring in your step and a healthy glow in your cheeks.

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